Friday, June 6, 2014

HOA Home Owners Push for Workable Dispute Resolution

Colorado home owners mostly live under Homeowners Association (HOA) governance. This living environment has many advantages but one trait currently gives HOAs a deserved bad name.  If a home owner has a dispute with their HOA Board or property management company (PMC) they are mostly left with our costly, litigious, and time consuming court system which doesn't work for home owners.  The State's HOA Office completed a mandated study on dispute resolution offering several out of court solutions.  One recommendation was an out of court binding dispute resolution process whereby complaints are filed and settled in an out of court venue at an affordable cost.  Home owners don't want a costly dispute resolution process (court) or discussion of their complaint with the hope of a solution that costs them hundreds of dollars without any guarantee of a decision (mediation).  Home owners deserve a process already used in Colorado for some professions and is planned for HOA PMC complaints: out of court binding dispute resolution. It's quick, fair, low cost, non-litigious, doesn't require high cost lawyers, no cost to taxpayers, and renders finality to a complaint.  It's time to provide HOA home owners with a workable, affordable, and accessible dispute resolution process that promotes vs hinders problems resolution.