Friday, May 6, 2016

Construction Defects Legislation: Denver Post gets it wrong AGAIN!

Re: Construction - defects bill hits snag, May 6, Denver Post
Our letter to the Denver Post concerning their problem of excluding HOA home owner's input into the Construction Defects Legislation issue and including the Community Association Institute (CAI) that represents HOA property managers and lawyers (NOT home owners) into the discussion. No matter how many times the post reporters are apprised of this concern they continue to seek out the CAI to represent home owners.

Letter to the Editor:

Each of the past several years legislation on construction defects litigation is introduced and each year the Denver Post reporters get this wrong.  They continue to identify the Community Association Institute (CAI) as representing those living in home owners association (HOA).  Wrong!  This organization represents HOA property managers and HOA lawyers.  There membership has nothing to do with home owners, HOAs or home owner centric interests.  They oppose empowering home owners to vote on the use of their own funds on litigation and promote court cases vs out of court, accessible, and affordable venues for dispute resolution(the issues in the legislation).  In fact, home owner's organizations have been excluded from input on this legislation.  Maybe the Post can get this right next year.