Thursday, February 13, 2014

HOA Issues: 2,500 members, thousands of emails/telephone calls, personal visits vs high paid lobbyist visit

It's not like the legislature and State Agencies aren't aware of HOA issues and problems its' just that they listen to a sole source (lobbyists from the CAI) that is the root of problems.  The State HOA Office has received thousands of HOA complaints against HOA Boards and property management companies.  This legislative session is once again exemplary of the fallacy of people power.
Our group and other HOA home owner advocacy organizations have sent literally thousands of emails, made hundreds of phone calls, and completed personal visits to legislators this session concerning one issue: HOA Transfer Fees.  This is the fee imposed on all HOA home sellers at the will and without dollar limits by property management companies: you don't pay it you don't sell your home.  We home owners worked hard to find legislative sponsors to end the abusive use of this fee that costs home owners $15 million a year.  We interviewed scores of realtors, property managers, and home owners and collected official closing documents on home sales to support reform.  A Bill was actually sponsored to limit this fee and mitigate the illegal and abusive use of the fee.  That took months.  Two week of the presence of Colorado and Virginia lobbyists from the CAI and large property management companies spreading misinformation (there's a better word for it) got the sponsors of the Bill to flip and basically allow them to rewrite the legislation to ensure no change would take effect, to silence home owner concerns, and protect the taxing authority of property managers on home sellers.  The next time someone complains about voter apathy or lack of involvement by citizens in their government let them know how their government really works.

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