Friday, August 15, 2014

Colorado HOA Forum's 2014-2015 Legislative Initiative

The Colorado HOA Forum’s legislative Goals and Objectives for 2014-2015.  If you support a goal (s) please take time, using our web site, to write your State legislator asking them to sponsor legislation to make it the law.

1. Include an out of court binding dispute  resolution process in all Colorado HOA laws (replace courts and mediation).
2. Improve upon Colorado legislation that licenses HOA property managers
3. Limit fees and administrative assessments on HOA debt.
4. Increase the roles, responsibilities, authority, and enforcement capabilities of the Colorado HOA Information Office and Resource Center including involvement in administering an out of court binding dispute resolution process
6. Require realtors and HOA home buyers to be provided with the following information and certify they received and read them: a copy of the HOA's governing documents; information on insurance coverage provided via the HOA; any HOA homeowner debt or HOA liens associated with the home; a current HOA financial statement;  the amount of HOA dues; any current and/or planned special assessments; status of the HOA reserve fund; the number of rentals and foreclosures in the HOA; rental restrictions and other items identified in our HOA Home Buyers Guide.
7. Term limits on HOA Board members when others are willing to serve. 
8. Include as part of the HOA registration process a certification that HOA Board members read their own HOA governing documents and applicable information posted on the State's HOA Office’s web site concerning State HOA law.
9. Limit the amount of special assessments an HOA Board can levy without approval of home owners.
10. Require HOA Boards to gain home owner approval prior to entering into law suits using HOA funds.






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