Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Colorado HOA Forum Begins it's Legislative Initiative

The Colorado HOA Forum has begun its' efforts on HOA legislative reform for the 2014-15 legislative session.  Our approach on changing Colorado HOA law is to gain legislative sponsors for our proposed initiatives through email and telephone campaigns, meeting with our law makers in person, and getting media coverage to promote our efforts.  Emails and notices sent to our legislators and the media.

We again will face the opposition of the Community Association Institute (CAI), legal community, and property managers in our efforts.  These are very well funded lobbyist with a history of obstructing HOA reform and they have many legislators in support of their self serving agenda.  Home owner groups must continue in their efforts to dispel the belief in State legislatures that the CAI somehow represents home owner interests: this is the current environment.  Once legislators consider home owner organizations opinions and initiatives equal to those of the CAI we can begin to implement HOA reform. 

We encourage HOA home owner organizations and individuals in Colorado and throughout the U.S. to continue lobbying their legislators and the media on the need for HOA reform. 

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