Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorado HOA Forum's Newsletter Aug - Oct 2014

We've delayed the distribution of our newsletter until after the 2014 election.  We distribute it to legislators and wanted that event to pass and allow for our email with the newsletter to not be mixed in with their election material.  Previous newsletters 
Note, the newsletter will continue to cover Colorado HOA issues but we are attempting to provide readers with a more broad and diverse source of HOA news.  We do this by scanning HOA news from around the nation. We hope this provides the reader with topics we wouldn't ordinarily cover but are of importance.  Although some of these articles are from other states the content is applicable to Colorado.  As always, consult your HOA governing documents and our State laws prior to proceeding with any complaint or legal action and/or write us or the Colorado State HOA Office for comment.
We continue to ask your support in contacting legislators to sponsor our legislative goals to reform HOA governance.  We are available to meet with them at their location, date, and time of convenience.
Please join our cause, receive our newsletter, and get involved in our email campaigns for legislative reform.

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