Thursday, March 5, 2015

CAM Licensing Hearings Fall Short For HOA Home Owners

The final public hearings on developing rules under the Community Association Manager (CAM) licensing program surfaced little in the way of new recommendations but plenty on weaknesses in home owner protections.  The rules were absent of details that are the foundation for home owners to bring complaints against abusive practices:

a.  No specific rule that CAMs must comply with HOA governing documents or State law.
b.  No rule requiring  CAMs to take action when they observe an HOA Board in non-compliance with their own governing documents or State law.
c.  Disclosure requirements on CAM fees imposed no new requirements.  DORA was supposed to address disclosure on the costly and controversial HOA home sale Transfer Fee.  Disclosure will only require a one line statement in a CAM contract and/or on home sale closing documents; no requirement to explain or document the fee to the home seller or to provide a hard copy invoice detailing (disclosing) services performed for the fee; no mention that the fee can only be for expenses incurred by the CAM in relation to the home sale for which they have not already been paid.
d.  The issue of reduced fees and educational requirements for the smallest of HOAs (20 or less units) was ignored.
A Bill will be submitted this legislative session to make changes to the licensing law.  The above shortcomings were requested for inclusion.  Unless these items are resolved the licensing law could end up being another HOA law that appears to help home owners but has little enforcement capability from the home owner’s perspective. 

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