Friday, April 24, 2015

HOA Bill Should be Downright Embarrassing to Colorado Legislators

HB 15-1343 was crafted to "fix and streamline" the HOA property manager licensing law" that will begin full implementation July 1, 2015.  To date, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) that is responsible for implementing the law has reported no problems to be fixed, no problems with available financial resources to support the program, no lack educational course providers, no problems with their ability to develop exams and conduct testing and grading, nor has DORA reported that the program is too burdensome on business.  DORA has not completed one status report on the results of implementing the licensing law.  DORA's responsibility is to get the program up and running and comply with the law (not  make the law). 
Arrive the special interests.  The same special interests (Community Association Institute (CAI)) that represent the industry to be regulated.  This interest group basically wrote the licensing law and rules and even got legislators to insert verbiage into the law to promote their lucrative business of selling property manager classes.  It appears they have even influenced DORA to avoid a legislative directive to make licensing rules that include full disclosure of all property manager fees and assessments levied against home owners. 
Now the CAI working with legislators and DORA manages to get this Bill proposed as a "streamline and fix" to the licensing law based upon no experience with the program and no reported problems and even before the program is fully implemented.  They further convinced legislators and DORA to again promote the selling of specific CAI courses in this Bill and to allow anyone who pays for and takes CAI courses to avoid State testing mandates. 
This Bill should be downright embarrassing to the sponsors of the Bill and any legislator who votes for it.  To date the licensing program is heavy on fees and mandates on businesses and lite on the intended purpose of the law which is to address abusive industry practices and consumer protections.  Is it any wonder why citizens don't trust or participate in government. 

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