Sunday, July 26, 2015

Colorado HOA Forum Issues "HOA Manager Complaint Guide"

The Colorado HOA Forum has made available on its' web site a DRAFT copy of its' HOA Property Manager Complaint Guide for use by home owners who want to file a complaint against an HOA property management company under the new Community Association Manager (CAM) Licensing Law.  The Guide will make it easier to complete the State's on-line complaint form and also will help home owners write the justification for the complaint using references to State HOA laws.  For example, if a home owner is denied access to HOA records, has issues with the way meetings and elections are conducted, if their HOA is in total disrepair, or if the HOA is charging home buyers/sellers an HOA Transfer Fee they can file a complaint with the State Office (DORA).  The Guide provides legal references that can justify these issues as a violation of law requiring disciplinary action by the State.

The Forum understands this Guide is an ongoing process to develop additional legal references to support a laundry list of home owner complaints.  It has submitted a list of changes to DORA concerning changes to the on-line complaint process and to add additional features such as allowing complaints and documentation to be submitted via email and U.S. mail and a process to track and give feedback to home owners about filed complaints.

The Colorado HOA Forum also is available to help home owners on filing their complaints by filling a contact form on their web site: .

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