Monday, December 15, 2014

FHA-HUD Loans and Affordable Housing Problemed by HOA Transfer Fees

The HOA Transfer Fee charged, retained, and amount determined by property management companies (PMC) on home sales in community associations poses an impediment to HUD loan approval.  This fee was made illegal on residential home sales in 2011 except in HOAs.  Why: 1) legislative influence by interest groups and 2) because the fee is a means to prop up profits for PMCs on the backs of home sellers without having to justify work for the fee (in other words it is charged only because it can with tactic endorsement from Realtors, mortgage companies, HOAs, developers, and home sale closing  agents).  Note, the fee is not mandatory nor can the home seller shop for a better rate (ranging from $50 to $1,000+) and if not paid the home sale is held up.   If you are applying for an FHA/HUD loan and the HOA or condominium charges a transfer fee related to the sale of the home, the loan most likely will not be approved.  This third party fee benefiting the PMC and representing redundant charging by the PMC for work already compensated for in the PMCs's contract with the HOA is not allowed under FHA guidelines.  Thus, the HOA Transfer Fee, costing home owners millions a year in Colorado, unjustifiably and financially burdens home owners and impedes loan opportunities to low and moderate home buyers.  The time to end this fee is now and we at the Colorado HOA Forum ask our legislators to sponsor a Bill to limit/end this abusive, unproductive, and harmful fee.

If you purchased a home in an HOA (single family dwelling, townhome, condominium) over the past two years and your closing documents indicate an HOA Transfer Fee was assessed, please contact the Colorado HOA Forum  We will work with home buyers/sellers to request a refund of this fee and apprise the FHA of this improper fee. 


  1. I paid for my town home, no loan at all. They called it working capital, so the Real
    Estate Agent told me. Bought in October 30 2012 0r 2013

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I am looking for an affordable condominium.