Friday, December 19, 2014

HOA Home Owners: "figure it out yourself" says legislator

HOA home owners seeking solutions to ensure their home owner's rights should not look to some legislators for solutions if the response from one legislator is any indication.  Our organization recently received a response from a State legislator in regards to our request to sponsor legislation to provide for an out of court binding dispute resolution process for home owner complaints (because court is too costly, litigious, and time consuming for ordinary folks).  This legislator said "they (HOA homeowners) should figure out their problems themselves" and the government has no role in HOA issues.  Really! 

Well government caused the problem by allowing legislation to be mostly written by developers, lawyers, and the Community Association Institute (CAI) to ensure their financial interests were protected.  Legislation was written with the absence of any viable means to enforce these laws or HOA governing documents from the home owner's perspective.  If government broke the intended good of HOAs and the laws they created they should fix it. 

I don't see this particular legislator (and others) directing businesses and interest groups to figure it out for themselves.  They are liberal in handing out subsidies to farmers, tax breaks for large corporations, tax rebates and incentives to businesses, imposing tariffs on imports or working to open barriers to free trade, restricting pollutants or chemicals in our food, etc.: all to help "in figuring it out".   This attitude about not legislatively helping HOA home owners from abusive practices and basically unenforceable laws is no less than dismissive of home owners and hypocritical. 

What HOA home owners are asking for, unlike the help provided to businesses and special interest groups, are remedies that don't cost taxpayers a nickel but save home owners, taxpayers, and HOAs millions each year in legal costs and ensure enforcement of property rights.  HOA home owners deserve more respect when asking for legislative support especially when they ask for so little.

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